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Experience Matters

Bret Furtado, Sapphire Steamer's owner, is a flooring industry expert. Bret has completed thousands of carpet cleaning jobs of various services. He managed a sales team in flooring retail for many years, and acquired skills and information that help Sapphire stand out from the rest. Bret ensures all of Sapphire's services are warranty friendly, effective, and safe.

Sapphire Steamer uses top of the line truck mount cleaning equipment and disposes of waste water safely. We pride ourselves in only using cleaning products we would feel safe putting in our own home. Our mission is to improve the environment in your space by removing dust, allergens, dirt and bacteria. "We help keep your space Clean, Safe, and Healthy."

"I believe in total care of your flooring. Not only will I help keep your space clean, I'll make sure we protect your warranty and investment in your home. Flooring is an investment. It can be well maintained for years to come, if you take care of it the right way. I want to help people, it makes me happy. I enjoy leaving a customer knowing their space is healthier than when I got there. Cleaning is satisfying."


- Bret Furtado

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